Pure Organic Argan Oil Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Argan Oil

How To Use ?

Pure Organic Argan Oil Cold Pressed

How is Cold Pressed Argan Oil Produced ?

1 - Harvesting Argan Fruits

Cold pressed Argan oil  is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree, also known as the “tree of life.” This majestic tree covers an area of 820,000 hectares in southwest Morocco.

The fruit of the argan tree is fleshy and resembles olives, its harvesting and processing is traditionally a matter for Amazigh women.
The production of argan oil is an entirely artisanal process and requires considerable work. From July to September, the fruits are picked on the ground and dried in the sun to be then stored. Once dried, the fleshy pulp is removed by hand, and with sharp stones, the women break the shells to obtain an argan nut. This nut represents 25% of the weight of the fruit and can contain up to three oil-rich almonds. Of course, the pulp and the remains of the fruits will not be thrown away, they are offered as animal feed.

2 - Production Of Cold Pressed Argan Oil

To produce 1 Kilogram of pure oil, it takes 30 Kilograms of argan nuts. The fines are mechanically crushed and then cold-pressed, resulting in a brown paste that produces virgin and 100% natural argan oil. The resulting argan oil is left to rest for two to three weeks so that the solids suspended in the oil settle to the bottom. Then it is filtered for increased purity and clarity.

Moroccan cold pressed argan oil is treated without the use of solvents or heat, which allows preserving 100% of all the nutrients contained in the oil. At Moroccan Organic Beauty, we use the highest standards and respect the ancient traditions of our ancestors to produce the best argan oil in the world.


The unique ingredients and their optimal and particular combination make argan oil a perfect care and remedy for skin and hair.

Monounsaturated Oleic Acid 49%
Polyunsaturated Linoleic Acid 34%
Fatty Acids 17%
Pure Organic Argan Oil Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed Argan Oil

  • Place of Origin : Morocco
  • Ingredient : Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
  • Processing type : Cold pressed
  • Use : Face – Body – Hair
  • Certification : USDA – FDA – ECOCERT 
  • Brand Name : Moroccan Organic Beauty or Private Label

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