How to use ?​

The importance of sun cream​

The importance of sun cream With the summer heat, our skin needs intense protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which promote skin aging and encourage the development of cancer. That is why the application of a sun cream and its renewing every 2 hours during the day presents a […]

The disinfectant gel

The disinfectant gel : the partner for a safety life Description : – The disinfectant gel kills quickly and effectively 99.9% of bacteria. – The antibacterial gel has no aggressive chemicals and can be used safely around children. – The gel can be used to disinfect your hands as well […]

Healthy daily habits to follow

Healthy daily habits to follow 1 – Cleanse your face with a cleansing gel. 2 – Use a natural mask to purify your skin and absorb impurities. 3 – Moisturize your skin with Rose Water or Orange Blossom and feel the freshness of nature. 4 – A gentle massage promotes […]


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