The importance of sun cream

With the summer heat, our skin needs intense protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, which promote skin aging and encourage the development of cancer. That is why the application of a sun cream and its renewing every 2 hours during the day presents a necessity for each of us, for men as well as for women and children.


Forgetting to apply your sunscreen can damage your skin, cause eye damage and increase the risk of skin cancer. The sun protection factor should generally be between 30 and 50+ SPF, for optimal protection.


On the other hand, moisturizing is an essential step in your day or evening routine.

Therefore, we suggest the following products from our range that may be useful for you, for a deep hydration.

– Argan oil.

– Prickly pear oil.

– The cream of the day/evening on base of argan.

– The cream of the evening on base of the oil of prickly pear.


As well as to make a skin care routine at home at least every week to clean and nourish the skin, (cleaning, scrubbing, mask, moisturizing). All these practices will help you to have a beautiful skin with a good look. 


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